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Jigsaw Guitar Course comes with a CD recording of all the material which is intended as a guide for home practise and may be used in performance. The track numbers are shown throughout the book. I wish to thank my daughter Eva for all her singing and her fine guitar playing. The recording was produced by John Taylor in Holy Trinity Church, Weston, on 4 January 2007. My thanks also to Carl Rowe for his wonderfully descriptive drawings of houses and hedgehogs amongst others that have helped to brighten up the pages.

This book is the culmination of many years experience and has been produced with the young learner in mind. Written instructions have been kept to a minimum and those occasional lengthy descriptions that have been added to this edition are meant for the teacher or parent during supervised practise. Those interested in a complete analysis of the procedure, with regard to guitar technique and a more thorough understanding of The Koda´ly Method, should see Jigsaw Guitar Course: Teacher's Manual which offers detailed lesson plans, guitar accompaniments, arrangements and/or compositions for use at each stage of the programme.

All material designed, collected, arranged and/or composed by Luke Dunlea unless otherwise stated.

Enquiries about this method should be addressed to: Singing Strings Publications: 20 Tresco Road Nunhead - London - SE15 3PX United Kingdom. E-mail:

Cover design by Tim Burley

ISBN: 978-0-9556965-0-3